How To Avoid Buying The Deadly Fake Erectile Dysfunction Pills That Are Being Sold On The Internet


With major drugs bust occurring in UAE City of Dubai in the news recently, a huge consignment of fake Viagra (16,000kg) was seized by the customs authorities; this incident brings a common concern in the minds of the millions Viagra users worldwide: ”   Buy Viagra   How do I know if the Viagra I’m buying is fake or not?”

First, a little more about the recent news regarding Viagra and what it means for the million of Viagra users around the world. Dubai has become a port of choice for Viagra smugglers, as countries such as India and China where most of the world’s fake Viagra is produced do not try to import their fake drugs into Europe and America but tried to pass the drugs through friendly and more respectable ports so that the customs authorities in the west will not be so suspicious. The vast majority of fake Viagra erectile dysfunction pills are substandard and can even be dangerous. In fact, when Pfizer tested some of these illegal erectile dysfunction Viagra pills as well as containing excessive amounts of the sildenafil citrate compound which is the active ingredient of Viagra they also noted that it had a considerable amount of talcum powder in it too. A spokesperson from Pfizer said that taking one of these tablets would immediately give any man who took one an overdose which could in some cases even cause death. In milder cases they would find themselves dizzy, suffering from severe headaches and at risk from having heart problems.

Apart from being unsafe and more then likely to be completely ineffective, fake viagra (wherever it has been produced) has passed no tests, is unregulated and for all you know may have been produced in a garden shed. In some instances dangerous substances have been found in this copied Viagra, which would completely defeat the purpose of your seeking help with impotence in the first place!

Simple ways to differentiate the real Viagra from the fake:

With literally thousands of Internet operations ready to sell you unregulated versions of Pfizer’s Viagra all claiming their Viagra to be real, it can be a real nightmare to shop for Viagra online. Dispatch pharmacists in general, are always available on your receipt of your order if you have any further queries of authenticity. This means you can trace the product all the way back to Pfizer’s manufacturing facility and even know the date your Viagra was produced. Pfizer’s Safe Drug Initiative has been created to specifically find and close any illegal sellers of the unsubstantiated, fake Viagra being sold on and offline.

Well the easiest way to check if the medication is real is by checking the relevant hallmarks, stickers and batch numbers on the packaging. The packaging should look like one of the pictures below in a plastic bag, these may be harmful. Any medication received should have been dispensed by a licensed pharmacist to the patient and this should be apparent in the form of a label on the packaging with the patient’s name, date of birth and instructions on how the Viagra should be taken. Here at UK Medix we recommend that if you are not sure of the authenticity of your Viagra, you call up Pfizer with your batch number and they can verify the batch for you.

The reason to check that your Viagra is real is that when buying Viagra online there are many places that sell fake or generic versions of Viagra passing them off as the real thing and charging you for it! This type of Viagra is not proven to be either effective or safe, they may even contain some substances that are harmful to you; they will not be approved by any regulatory authority namely the MHRA or the FDA.

Just another story to illustrate the dangers of buying Viagra online, according to the Sunday Times one of the masterminds one criminal organization behind smuggling Viagra to Europe, was a young Chinese businessmen called Gabriel Zhang who boasted to one of their reporters that he had a big demand for his extra strength Viagra in the United Kingdom and that in some cases he had managed to sell his erectile dysfunction drugs to the legitimate and legal supply chain. This story highlights the dangers of buying erectile dysfunction medication without a prescription and from illegal internet web sites.


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